Dr(Mrs) . Shyamamani Devi has given her voices for different types of songs and music such as:-

1.       Odishi vocal

2.       Odishi modern (Adhunik)

3.       Chhando,Champu,Choutisia

4.       Janano, Bhajono. Devi Bandana, Palli

5.       Folk songs of Odisha

6.       Film songs for Odiya and Bengali

7.       Songs on Hindi (Ghazals), Gujrati(Gobra), Bengali and Marathi.

8.       Patriotic songs with Mr Rajkumar which are being broadcasted by AIR.


The Odishi vocal and allied music forms of Odishi such as Chhando,Champu,Choutisia and folk songs are written ,composed by eminent scholars of Odisha. While some of the songs have been sung as per the traditional ragas as prevailing, others were composed and sung by Dr.Shyamamani Devi with her own “Swaro Sanjojona:  However, the adhunik (modern song) have been written by various others lyricists and sung by herself with own “swaro sanjojona”.  A brief description on Odishi and allied music is given separately (Read More). 


Some of these music are available through cassettes and CDs released by the music companies and balance with AIR & Door Darsan. The important songs and music can be down loaded/listened from the various websites such as www.odiamusic.com, www.youtube.com, www.saregama.com,www.hungama.com etc.  The list of some of these songs and music is as above:-



Kanhi Gale Murali Phunka  


Ki Nadare Prana Sangini  


Kunje Murali Bajuchhi  


Shayam Ku Juhara  


Chhada Mate Mata  


Shyama Bina Sajani  


Mali Maala Shyama Ku Debi  


Sanginire Raasa Rangini Re  


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